Daily Exercises For Daily Writing Improvement

Using daily prompts and interesting topic suggestions is an easy way to merge writing into everyday life. Writing every day is essential to develop good writing skills which will grow into great writing. Sometimes, as a writer, you are facing a blank sheet of paper, or a blank document on the computer screen and seem unable to start writing. This is an excellent time to do some creative writing exercises. Writing exercises prompt you to write outside the box without any expectations or goals. Writing every day is similar to practicing the scales, while learning to play the piano. Only these exercises or practices are not boring or repetitive. All right, now you know that should do daily exercises. You are probably wondering exactly what I am talking about and how to do them. vh

What Are Writing Exercises?

They are a warm-up or starting point before you settle down to writing your novel.


Keep writing, if you get stuck rewrite the last word over and over until you can go ahead. After writing the same word a few times you might write “I am tired of writing this word, or I am tired of __________” and off you go.

Don’t edit your writing exercises, they are just warm ups. So don’t get hung up on spelling, neatness or grammar, just keep writing. Let your imagination soar, it doesn’t matter where you end up. It is not meant to be your great creative masterpiece, although it is possible it might be. It doesn’t matter if you end up with a good ending just write.

Use all of your senses. Write what you feel, what you hear, smell, taste and think. Be specific, give details, does the character have a robotic arm, or a plastic arm, maybe, even no arm. Give details, they are very important in writing a story. vh

Don’t criticize yourself, or put your efforts down. Be proud of what you write. Remember everything that you write is important to climbing the ladder of writing excellence. Most of all have fun! It is not a chore, it is fun, it is creative, and it is a great growing tool.






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